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  • Awesome bank. I am very surprised at the negative reviews here... my experience has been nothing short of great. I am leaving PNC (terrible terrible bank from a small business perspective). Within 48 hours, I had multiple accounts set up, a business line of credit, and a commercial automobile loan approved; all of which PNC denied. In fact, during my frustration with PNC, I asked the PNC loan officer (sarcastically), "Well, can you recommend a good small business friendly bank?" He replied... "try Bank of North Georgia." Best recommendation ever!
    By Hunter Cluthe, March 21, 2018
  • I moved here in Aug 2015 and I love everything about it. The activities are never ending and keep me so busy, it's just was I was looking for. Everyone here is so helpful from the ladies in the office to the maintenance guys, it's one big family! My son and daughter in law are very happy that I found a home at the The Park. It is truly the best place you can move to if you are looking for a 55 year old active community!
    By Gail Harvey, March 17, 2018
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    This school has the wrost toddler class. they lied to us that the lead teacher was on vacation but she had already left the school. They made the class helper the lead teacher who didn't know anything. They kept my son so dirty. He would come home with dried up nose. Sticky hair and face. If the kids fight or hit the other kid, teacher won't stop them but instead say kids will sort out on their own and let them fight and hit other kids. They take kids out side to play in the morning to play and again at 4pm and would keep kids outside until 6pm in hot summer day until the parents pick them up or the school closes. No activities. I would not recommend this school for toddlers.
    By Sohail Saleem, March 15, 2018
  • Keith & his staff (especially Monica) have been awesome for us since we moved back to the Atlanta area almost 4 years ago. They promptly answer our calls & emails, and also continue to give helpful, honest & detailed advice to custom-fit OUR family's needs. They never give us generic/automated answers, never give us misleading information for their own financial benefit, are always upbeat and friendly, and have never made us feel like just another client. Keith and his team are THE reason we have kept State Farm as our auto & home insurance providers going on 20 years now!
    By Jill Burk, March 06, 2018

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